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25.08.09 - Where are they now? (An update)

8 years to the day of their last gig, Dum Dums drummer Stuart 'Baxter' Wilkinson unveils his labour of love, 'The Ghost Gets Around' - a 65 minute film documenting the rise and fall of the Dum Dums. Watch it here.

Whilst you're here, why not visit frontman Josh Doyle's official website to find out about his 'Values & Virtues' EP and also check out Rogue States - Steve and Stuart's band who are about to release their debut EP 'Lights'.


10.01.06 - Dum Dums - Where Are They Now?

Unlike Spinal Tap - the members of the Dum Dums are not currently residing in the 'where are they now' file, for they can be found here:

Josh Doyle is currently recording his solo album. Check out his page at for more info. Josh has also set up a Dum Dums MySpace page so you can re-live the good ol' days!

Steve Clarke & Stuart 'Baxter' Wilkinson can both be found playing in their new Birmingham based band 'The Deciphers' check out their website here and listen to music here.


26.04.05 - Stuart Baxter's amazing drum sale!

Stuart is selling a pile of his old drum gear, so head on over to the message bored for the chance to buy some Dum Dums memorabilia!


01.11.04 - Josh Doyle - The End Of Fear E.P. Released today!

Josh's first release since the Dum Dums ended is out today - head over to to pick up a copy!


10.10.04 - relaunched!

Josh Doyle's new official website is launched today! Check it out here!


04.09.04 - Josh Doyle Is Back!

We are pleased to announce that former Dum Dums singer/guitarist Josh Doyle will be returning from the musical wilderness in the near future to release his new EP! This will be Josh's first musical outing since the end of the band and promises to be something special.

Here's what Josh had to say, briefly: "I have an e.p coming out soon and a whole bunch of new things are going to be happening. There will be an email going out to the Dum Dums mailing list soon, and more details will be included, so make sure you're signed up!"

We have added a Josh Doyle forum to the message bored so you can talk about Josh's news until is re-launced in the not-too-distant future!


21.06.04 - Clarkesville playing live & with a new drummer...

Clarkesville - the band Steve plays bass in (and which is fronted by his brother Michael) are playing selected gigs in the Midlands over the coming months - and they've just been joined by a new drummer, non other than Stuart 'Baxter' Wilkinson!!!

See for more info...


21.06.04 - Bass Guitars For Sale!

Steve is selling his remaining two Musicman bass guitars - head over to the message bored to find out more...


23.01.04 - 'Closer To You' music video

Stuart's video for 'Closer To You' is now available to download on the video page - check it out!


14.01.04 - More exclusive video!

We now have more exclusive video footage for your downloading pleasure - a little known secret; Stuart made two music videos for unreleased Dum Dums songs a couple of years ago and we're now bringing them to for you to download.

These videos sum up the band perfectly - and we're sure you'll love them. You get one this week & one next week - so head over to the video page to get the first video now!


18.12.03 - SBE Webcast available to download

To coincide with the 3rd anniversay of Dum Dums triumphant headline show at London's Shepherds Bush Empire we have managed to make the webcast of the gig available for you to download! Check out the video page for more info.


17.11.03 - Two new mp3s to download!

Check out the audio page and download two new Dum Dums tracks....a demo of 'new' song 'The Seeker' and an alternative edit of 'It Goes Without Saying'....


13.11.03 - Josh Baby News!

Josh Doyle & his Wife Jenny are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter Lauren on November 2nd 2003. Here's what Josh has to say:

"Jenny gave birth to Lauren Autumn Doyle on 11:20pm Sunday November 2nd in downtown Nashville Tennessee, weighing in at 8lbs 11oz and 19 inches long.

She is a beautiful little girl, very funny and quiet a lot of the time, very well behaved. She is enjoying looking around at everything, and she recognizes Mummy and Daddy's voices. Jenny is recovering very well".

If you would like to send a card, you can do so via the following address: (Please note we can only forward cards due to postage costs to the USA!)

Josh Doyle
c/o Mark Wood
Modernwood Management
5 Ramsdale Road
SW17 9BP


07.10.03 - Clarkesville single & tour

Clarkesville release 'Heavy Soul' & 'Just Kills Me (version ii)' as a double a-side single on Monday November 3rd!

Clarkesville have also just announced a 11 date UK tour:

31st - TUNBRIDGE WELLS - The Forum

01st - WALSALL - The Wharf Bar
02nd - MANCHESTER - Night and Day
03rd - BIRMINGHAM - HMV Instore
04th - YORK - Barfly
05th - LONDON - Underworld
06th - CARDIFF - Barfly
08th - GLASGOW - Barfly
09th - LIVERPOOL - Barfly
10th - BIRMINGHAM - Bar Academy @ B'ham Academy
11th - NOTTINGHAM - Social
13th - SHEFFIELD - Uni

It'd be great if some of you guys could come to the shows, you won't be dissapointed!

For more info on the single release & tour dates and to see the video for 'Heavy Soul', see


21.09.03 - More demos to download!

We've put up two more unreleased demos for your downloading/listening pleasure - there's not going to be many more after this - so get 'em from the audio page now!


08.09.03 - Dum Dums tab site...

For several years 'Sparky Mark' has had a tab site with selected Dum Dums tab on it....and now he's made an entire page dedicated to the Dum Dums - you can now learn how to play album tracks, b-sides, and even some of the unreleased demos! Check it out here!


01.09.03 - New Audio Added!

There's now 3 new audio tracks up on the audio page - 2 demos and a remix of 'Everything' - check it out!


14.08.03 - Sonara @ Reading!

Sonara - the band that Steve has been managing for the past couple of years are playing at this year's Reading Festival. Sonara will be the only unsigned act at the festival this year and will open the Sunday (24th) at 11:30am on The Carling Stage. Try and get down to see them if you can as they're an awesome live band and you will not be disappointed!

Also - if you'd like to help Sonara promote their set and get some new faces down, by handing out flyers - please email for further info.

More info:


12.08.03 - Clarkesville's debut single out now!

Clarkesville - the band fronted by Michael Clarke - brother of Steve Dum Dum, which also features Steve on bass have a single out this week called 'Secret File'. The track is the first to be taken from the band's debut album 'The Half Chapter'....Secret File is available on CD (for only £1.99) and 7" vinyl (for only 99p) from all Virgin/HMV stores, or online at and comes with a b-side called 'Holding On' which Neil Primrose from Travis plays drums on - it also has the video for Secret File - please support the band at this early stage by going out and getting the single - it's cheaper than usual and has TWO great songs on it! Bargain!

More info:

Thank you.


06.08.03 - More demos added to audio page!

Check out the audio page for mp3s of three more unreleased Dum Dums tracks. We will be adding tracks periodically over the next few weeks...


30.07.03 - Welcome to the all new DUMDUMS.COM!

Welcome to the new look DUMDUMS.COM - after the old site was taken down in May I decided that it was only right to build a new online Dum Dums archive, myself & various other people had loads of Dum Dums stuff knocking around that hadn't been seen before and some stuff that had. Photos, video, audio, etc. etc. - you get the picture. So with A LOT of help from some friends many emails back and forth later - this is the result, and we hope you enjoy looking at it/using it as much as we did making it.

I think everyone who was touched by this band knows it was something special and they're proud to a part of it - this is why it was worth my while making this site. (This is also how I got other people to work so hard on it, for free!)

The site will of course have another function other than just as an archive, we will keep you upto date with all the latest news on what Josh, Steve & Stuart are upto (even if I have to hassle them to write it down - it only took 2 years this time!), and we'll also be keeping you informed of various other related things, mainly music...but who knows what else might happen, so stay tuned!

Also special thanks must go out to Kelly, Rob, Cheryl, Josh, Steve, Stu, Mark and everyone else that has contributed to the design of this site - thanks.

James (webmaster)


30.07.03 - Messages from Josh, Steve & Stuart

To coincide with the launch of the new DUMDUMS.COM Josh, Steve & Stuart have all written about what they've been doing for the past 2 years since the Dum Dums came to an end, and what they're plans are for the future......

Hey whats up one and all,

This is Josh Doyle, once of the punk pop much imitated not improved upon "dumdums", beaming in from Nashville, Tennessee in the United States.

Jenny and I moved here in January 2003 and have bought a house, settled down and - big news - are expecting our first child here in October...yes I am going to be a Dad...I must not teach the child weird stuff, oh yes that would be so wrong.

On the music front, I have been hard at work writing great (and lousy but I get rid of those) new songs for my new band, and am preparing to go into the studio with an established producer to make a demo. Its taken a while because I needed to raise my game from what I had written in the past to be tough enough to do well in the U.S, which is where I will be focussing my time. A number of record company big wigs are supposedly talking about my stuff, so that will all be interesting again....
Aside from this which is my main thing, I have been putting the feelers out as to writing for other people, and have been getting a great response in my meetings with industry folk, so that is another possibility to get the money rolling in for applesauce and nappies and whatnot.

I have also been asked to play guitar for touring bands - I could have played at a big awards show but I turned that down because I will have had to remember stuff and if I get too much information in my head I may forget important things like my name or where I live or how to speak. But I have done a little touring work from Florida to California which has kept the bucks coming in and gotten me to do a little tourist sightseeing.

So thats me - come onto the new dumdums site and get back on the message board, its starting to take off again since James (who rules o.k and is skill) has "done a changing rooms" on it. I will be sure to get down there and see how everybody is doing. Also be sure to check out Michael 'Clarkesville' Clarke's album, he is a talent and he deserves to be heard, I think details of how you can get it and stuff are on this email. I know its so go check out our former substitute bassplayer, brother of our bassplayer, our once keyboard player (notice a dumdums link?) former support act, future headlining star, now while he's just starting out.

May the force be with y'all, Josh


Hello all,

I can't believe that it's now 2 years since we played our last show at Greenbelt!

Time does indeed fly (whether you 'are' or 'aren't' having fun!!) I also can't believe how many of you are still regularly posting on the message board! Thankyou x

Well... with the launch of the new site, it seems quite a fitting time for me to say what I have been up to over the past 2 years.

Most of you will probably know that I have been managing a band called Sonara who have just released theis debut single (I've had too much to)Breathe. Thankyou to everyone who went out and bought it....and if you are yet to hear Sonara you can listen to several tracks at

I am also playing with Clarkesville (My brothers project) We are currently out doing a promo tour for the debut single "Secret File" which is out August 11th and have recently toured with 'Kings of Leon' and 'the Crimea'. The album 'The Half Chapter' is out on July 21st!

It is great to be playing again. We are back out on tour at the end of July supporting Rooney from the U.S
Would be good to see you guys if you can make any of the shows (

Thank you to everyone who emailed me back after the email I sent regarding the Sonara single... I have the best intentions to reply to all of you as soon as I get a bit of free time... was really chuffed that so many of you got in touch.

Hope life is treating you all well.

Big Love

Steve x


Hey everybody,

I find it quite unberlievable that two years have passed since we last spoke, I hope you are all happy and in good health :)

It really amazes me to see so many familiar faces continuing to post at the site, it's great that this community is still going as i believe it's something really unique! James has worked real hard on this new site and has many great things planned, so please stick around and make yourselves at home, you are so welcome!

Hmm, Where to start?

Well, for the past two years I have been living in various parts of Britan, seeing different people and different towns, and catching up on alot of stuff. During that time I have played with a coupla bands I know including the incredibly talented Clarkesville (you should definately check out his debut album) and have been filming things that i feel need to be filmed. (I started making a horror movie but was too scared to finish it!) I also recently met up with a great new rock band and may be playing some shows
with them soon.

I have been writing for awhile now and feel it is time to put my new band together. Over the next few months I hope to be rehersing and looking to record as soon as possible. watch this space.

Thankyou for the contiuning support and encouragement you have given me, I really appreciate it so much and am looking forward to hearing about what your all up too soon!

Love Stuart.x


07.06.03 - Website Update
Wildstar Records - Dum Dums' old record label have kindly been hosting DUMDUMS.COM since the band split up in August 2001. The label now need the space the site was taking up on their web server and therefore need to take the site down.

As there are still a lot of people visiting this site, many of whom are using the message board - we are in the process of designing a 'new' Dum Dums site and along with help from the band members and other people, plan to create an 'archive' site. This new site will feature exclusive content that's not been heard/seen before - unreleased demos and hopefully also some unseen video well as the best stuff from the old site.

I am also setting up a new message board (the same kind as at Comedynetuk) for people to use.

If anyone has anything they would like to conttribute, or they think would be useful for the new site, please email me:

All of this aside, please rest assured that (as I've promised in the past) I will always do everything I can to keep (the domain that is owned by the band) online in some shape or form and have any information on what Josh, Steve & Stuart are up to.

This is a legacy worth preserving.

Thanks for rocking.
Yours as ever, James Webmaster