(WRITTEN BY MEMBERS OF THE DUMDUMS MESSAGE BORED, TAKEN FROM http://www.geocities.com/emmaneary/index.html)

01) They rock!
02) They can be a bit odd, but we love them for it.
03) Josh has limited amounts of t-shirts while Steve has many! (but Josh disagrees)
04) They are NOT a boy band.
05) Josh crowd surfs on occasions!
06) Stu is often frightened, especially of girls who shout.
07) Josh is always late and always getting lost and doesn’t give a crap or learn his lesson no matter how many times he gets told off for it...
08) Josh gets up very early.
09) Josh seems to get the most mentions in lists like these.
10) They love fans! (maybe)
11) The album cover is backwards coz Steve's blond bit that was in his hair is on the wrong side!!
12) Stu's Dad played saxophone on 'Mr Executive' - a b-side on the 'Everything' single...."Not a lot of people know that!"
13) Josh reckons the 'stare at my cock' bit in “Kind of day I had” is actually 'stare at my car' and we all have perverted minds.
14) Josh has a severe little finger deficiency, and no one knows what I'm (louise dumdedum) talking about do they??? but it is a fact! I have photographic evidence x2!!!!!!!
15) If you play 'can't get you out of my thoughts' backwards it is actually an ancient Hebrew chant calling for the murder of a rival leader. Again, 'not a lot of people know that!'
16) Josh admits he 'gets off' on the fact that there’s pictures of him all over the website. ok he was joking *I hope*, but that’s so not the point!
17) They Kick Ass!
18) Stu and Steve are still Dummy’s...on the message board...*lol*
19) louisedumdedum thinks Stu is a very good lolly eater!
20) Does Stu not like toilet talk or something like that!! (?)
21) Steve lives in the best town ever because its the town is where I live (Becki) (and I rock)!
22) Stu isn't just a drummer!!!
23) Josh finds barbie dolls beautiful.
24) They are all absolutely gorgeous!!
25) Steve cuts his own hair, and in his own words *made a mess of it and a mess of the bathroom*.
26) Stu is very scared of Marilyn Manson, he even gets scared at a pic of him/her.
27) Josh loves hedgehogs!!!!!!! and he does a great impression of them, even if it does look like he is trying 2 squeeze his own head!!!!!!!!! (superjosh 2 the rescue “I will save all the hedgehogs from getting squashed")
28) Stu thinks that people called 'Ally' are German......
29) Stu wears his pants in the shower because someone has drilled a hole in the wall and is watching him.
30) Stu is planning his own combustion at the height of their career.
31) Stu is a much better drummer than they let on and should be forced to sit there and do a drum solo before the others come on at the start of each gig.
32) There are only 100 interesting facts about the Dum Dums. This is number 101.
33) Steve's first instrument was the flute...then the drums...then the bass...then the guitar...then the didge (the long Australian type - I can't be bothered to work out how to spell it!)
34) Stuart's grandmother invented fruit!!!
35) Stu thinks he's an angel sent down by Steve's Gran to save him from something (and I'm not referring to Josh - only joking!)
36) Josh picks his nose (- allegedly)
37) Josh wears shorts backwards and says its his own fashion!?
38) Stu is gullible and believes everything you say even after you tell him you made it up.
39) Josh has two cats called Puppy and Barnaby and says Jesus looks after them when he’s away.
40) Steve says one of Josh’s cats is so skinny it looks like its gonna fall down dead any minute!
41) Josh says he’s felt Steve up loads of times and they’ve had orgies (cant spell it!)!
42) Stu is a veggie.
43) Stu and Steve are unbelievably lazy and can't be arsed 2 come on this msg board despite it being about them! (ooh)
44) Josh is actually 50 years older than he says he is. Quote: "The plastic surgery has really paid off!"
45) Steve has 2 cats and one of them dribbles everywhere.... which is true.
46) Steve wears girls clothes cos he likes the fit of them better.
47) Josh can light an imaginary match on his face and start a fire with it, then be amazed at doing so in time to the beat!
48) Josh is the only one who can stack it big time on stage and get away with it.
49) The Dum Dums can also be written as: SMUD MUD.
50) Stu has a fan called Kim.
51) Their album 'It Goes Without Saying' rocks.
52) Steve was once quoted as saying 'boo' to a goose.
53) Stu was the first ever person on 'Mallet's Mallet'. He lost.
54) Josh mooned from the 3rd floor window of Newcastle Arena 20th Oct 2000.
55) Josh and Stu are stuck like glue *there always together they leave Steve out!*
56) Steve goes to bed early after a gig, but parties the night away the rest of the time.
57) Josh fell down the stairs at Glasgow SECC and thought that no one was looking!!!
58) Steve can play ‘More than words’ by Extreme on the guitar.
59) Josh once burned his job seekers allowance book on stage at a gig (before they were signed).
60) Steve (literally) bumped into Ewan McGregor at a tube station the other day!
61) They considered calling themselves Raygun - *ages* ago!
62) They played a Biker's festival once & had things like "Are you f***ing Boyzone or someone?" yelled at them!
63) They played a gig where the other band trashed the dressing room and blamed it on them...then the two other bands had a big fight! The boys (and myself-James) escaped though!
64) Josh once had someone ask him if he was in the Dum Dums - he said "No" and they replied "oh, sorry, you just look like him!"
65) Someone once told Josh & Stu that they'd met the Dum Dums and that they were right arseholes - they have this on video!
66) They have loads of stuff on video that *can't* be shown to the public....so do I come to think of it! (James)
67) 'Hole In Your Heart' used to be called 'Toilet Wall Star' .
68) On the cover of 'Everything' (cd1), Stu has a fake eye! His right eye, is actually his left eye!
69) Josh has an extra toe on his left foot.
70) Stu is actually Wendy in drag.
71) Steve once won a medal. it was 'best in show' for the 2nd annual Aldridge flower arranging show.
72) Stu used to be best mates with Hamlet.
73) Steve was named after his dad’s dead tortoise.
74) Steve can speak Dutch.
75) Stu is/was learning to speak Spanish.
76) Stu never used to be so shy he used to be really talkative.
77) They respect their fans.
78) Stu is actually James in disguise which is why we always get James on here but never Stu.
79) Steve is a hedgehog which is why Josh loves him so much.
80) Josh is a secret A1 fan and is only annoyed at them cos they never give him autographs or take piccies with him.
81) Josh did try & burn his Jobseekers book at a gig- Quote 'cos were about to get signed!' But it failed to burn!! High comedy value, as Josh got everyone to shout 'burn baby burn' to try & encourage this thing to ignite!
82) Steve, his brother & dad, in the Eighties all had matching mulletts!
83) Whilst growing up in Amsterdam Ste had a footy trial arranged with AJAX- No less. But couldn't go due to a poorly foot or something. So it was cancelled & never re-arranged. And the rest is history!
84) Steve wears a long necklace which is black stringy stuff and has an unknown object on!!!
85) At least one Dum Dum drinks Dr Pepper.
86) Steve drinks Coca Cola.
87) Steve drinks Becks beer.
88) One Dum Dum owns a Nokia 3210 mobile phone.
89) Steve drinks.
90) Stu sometimes drinks and sometimes doesn’t.
91) Josh doesn’t drink.
92) Steve likes absinthe or has been seen drinking it.
93) Both Steve and Stu shop in Carnaby street.
94) Steve changes his top before coming out after gigs.
95) Steve also eats lolly pops.
96) Steve would want Eddie Izzard to play him in a movie.... or Samuel L Jackson
97) Josh wants to be played by Harrison Ford.
98) Stuart wants to be played by Michael J Fox.
99) According to Josh, Stu wants Max from Hollyoaks to play him!
100) Josh got mobbed on the train the way back from PITP Hyde Park...
101) Steve has v cool feet.
102) Josh is evil (sorry!)
103) The 3 items Josh would take to a desert island with him are... sanitary towels, toilet tissue and fingernail clippers.
104) Apparently when Josh was *little* (hehe) he owned an orange silk t shirt.....(no offence to anyone who has one!)
105) According to Charlie, Steve, like herself is obsessed with cords!
106) Steve has burgundy cords.
107) Steve also has grey/blue cords, which are slightly baggy around the ass, not that Sas was looking or anything!!!
108) Stu collects beady blue bracelets.
109) Steve’s wrist is approx 1 inch bigger than Saus’
110) Josh’s blue guitar (featured in the ‘everything vid‘) should have the nickname 'retro fridge guitar'!
111) Stu hates the word 'pants'.
112) Josh has the unique ability to blow bubbles from off the end of his tongue.
113) The Dum Dums are lovely lads who respect their fans and come out after gigs to say hi to everyone.
114) *Apparently* Stu used to do Scottish dancing when he was a little kid.
115) Steve likes Reisen chocolate chews.
116) Stu likes Crunchies.
117) Josh used to live in America for a while.
118) Steve used to live in Amsterdam.
119) Stu comes from Crawley.
120) Stu wanted to see the Corrs at Hyde Park PITP!
121) They all like Bon Jovi.
122) Josh fell off his chair backwards in Brighton whilst meeting competition winners. so to hide the embarrassment he ran round like a mad man jumping on everything- very amusing
123) Josh and Stu were running passed the window at CD:UK doing silly things and it got a mention in Smash Hits yeah!
124) The guy with the glasses in Tom Cat has the same pink top (with photos?) as Steve's!
125) James the webmaster is Steve’s cousin. (simple, but forgotten!)
126) Josh loves Peal Jam. (yay again)
127) Stu has the same jumper as Roddy Woomble from Idlewild.
128) Steve's haircut makes him feel bald.
129) Steve has the Muppets ring tone on his phone.
130) Josh has mean people suck on his *green* guitar that he never uses.
131) Stu has a bluuuuue drum kit.
132) Stu is a tropical raincoat. (?)
133) Josh used to work at Chichester army barracks and wash dishes.
134) Someone that used to work at C.A.B thought that josh was a sergeant!
135) Stu and josh used to go to Chichester Uni.
136) Josh thinks he used to have perfect pitch when he was younger.
137) Steve was embarrassed when his phone went off when he was signing autographs in Manchester because of the ringtone (see louise dumdedum's post about Muppet ringtone)
138) Stu borrowed Lolly's pink pompoms and started playing with them at party in the park in Bingley.
139) Stu has two monkeys called Ibrahim and Ibrakim.
140) We all love ‘em!!!