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Sonara: The band that Steve has been managing since the Dum Dums split up, "They are a really honest & talented band with a singer (Dan) who has got a lot to say..." is what Steve recently said about them - their debut single is out now - check out their website at:

Clarkesville is fronted by Michael Clarke (Steve's younger brother), who you may have seen support the Dum Dums a couple of times...Back then it was one man & his guitar, and it's now a full blown band (featuring Steve on bass) & album, check out the official website at:

Clarkesville's upcoming debut album 'The Half Chapter' is out on 21st July!


Audiogene: Formerly known as 'Bottlerockit' - they were Dum Dums fans back in the day and once started email campaign to try and get a support slot with the Dums, that didn't happen, but a couple of years later Mickey Modern (one half of the Dum Dums management) spotted them and has been managing them ever since! Look out for their debut album this year and visit their official site here:

frou frou

Frou Frou: are made up of singer/songwriter Imogen Heap and producer Guy Sigsworth - their debut album 'Details' has received rave reviews from critics and musicians alike - and just like everyone above they're managed by Modernwood Management who managed the Dum Dums. Check out their site here:

Four Star Mary: The band also known as 'Dingo's Ate My Baby' from the 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' TV series have been managed by Modernwood (DDs management) for several years now and have taken both Audiogene & Sonara out on tour with them around the UK. Visit the official site:

Vender: The band once known and loved as 'Dropknee' - they are still very much loved and are one of the best unsigned bands in the Midlands! Friends of Steve's, they can be found playing at every venue in Birmingham and surrounding areas (hell, Steve even played bass with them for a while!). For more info, check out:


Online indie record shop (UK), currently selling IGWS album & several singles.


AMAZON.CO.UK Currently selling IGWS album & all singles.
AMAZON.COM Currently selling US version of IGWS album, UK IGWS album and selected UK singles on import.
TOWER RECORDS.CO.UK Currently selling a selection of UK/US album & singles.

Sparky Mark's Tab Page - The one & only DDs tab site!
Sail Away - The one and ONLY American Dum Dums fansite!
Accolade - a band who are fans of the DDs...
The Dicko - an insane friend of the band....

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