Dum Dums at London Dingwalls, Glastonbury 2000,T in the Park 2000 and V2000.
photos by: John Bownas, Sara Bowrey and Steve Jenner


Steve, interviewed on Radio Avalon, at the Glastonbury Festival  

Fresh from the 'Brain Machine', Glastonbury

Steve in the bus at Glastonbury, about to lose his festival virginity

Josh, warming up for Glastonbury at Dingwalls in London

Josh is mistaken for a stage invader at V2000, and carted off by security!

Unimpressed with the Scottish weather, T in the Park 2000

Josh onstage at T in the Park 2000, Scotland

Josh onstage at Glastonbury 2000

Being interviewed by Joe Absalom, ex-Eastenders, for the Big Breakfast @ Glastonbury

Running amock at Glastonbury

Chilling backstage in the oxygen tent at V2000 - real rock stars!

Steve onstage at V2000

Josh, practicing losing his festival virginity at London Dingwalls...

Josh - over the shoulder look at Dingwalls