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Dum Dums; A Brief History...

"Who are Britain's most important guitar band ? JJ72? Coldplay? Muse? But look at that list and tell me whether those bands are really changing peoples lives? Because, believe it or not, the dumdums are. ...where others preach to the converted, they are leading an increasingly significant segment of the pop massive up the dark slopes of indie" - MELODY MAKER

From their formation in 1997 to their farewell show in August 2001, the dumdums went from early years of intensive gigging around the UK toilet circuit to rock stardom and chart success. Their one and only album, "It goes without saying", recorded with producer Steve Power (Feeder, Robbie Williams, Babybird, Blur) was the "Ferris Bueller" for its generation. Sonically influenced by other British bands such as the Police and the Jam, it spoke of dead end jobs, the pressures of finding your own way, and struck a chord in the hearts of anyone faced with having to decide what to do with their lives.

Released at a time when radio was saturated with manufactured pop acts, the dumdums were one of the few British guitar bands to breakthrough in 2000, having four chart hits in and around the official top 20, a hit album, and a constant residency on MTV, VH1, and CD:UK. They sold out tours in the UK and abroad, had top 20 chart success in Japan and a major record deal with MCA in the USA.

But still none of this accounts for their continuing popularity. Three years after the band parted ways, the dumdums website still attracts thousands of hits weekly from all over the world. The message 'bored' is a thriving community active 24 hours a day. There is at least one dumdums cover band, many reports of bands starting because of them, and record companies have even manufactured acts to be new versions of the dumdums - ironically one of the things the band railed against.

Here on the official website, you can look through the archives, check out unreleased material including live video concerts, exclusive music videos, and the rocking second album demos. Discover what made them so influential, read about the new musical directions Josh, Steve and Stuart have gone in, and become active in a chilled out online community.  Everyone is welcome here, so come in and make yourself at home!

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"As life affirming as the sound of the suburbs gets"
"The dumdums sling away c-sides that most indie bands would kill for"


"With an awesome live reputation...the next wave of indie pop is safe in the hands of the dumdums"

"a stunning debut album with a ton of killer-pop melodies, rockin guitars and humorous tales of suburban hell. Blink 182 with better tunes...the best thing to happen to guitar music in decades" 5/5

"the perkiest, punkiest, pop packed album of the year. Turn it up!" - -10/10

" Every song (notice I said every song) is not only radio-friendly, but radio-worthy.
This record simply never lets up for a moment. It Goes Without Saying is a monster debut effort"

"'Everything' will always remain the 'Teenage Kicks' for the 21st century"

"The singles "Everything" and "Can't get you out of my thoughts" only hinted at what the dumdums can do.The album is packed with infectious tunes, defiant 'yoof' anthems and some classic guitar ballads. Punk pop guaranteed to charm" 4/5

"an endless supply of catchy tunes and the ability to tug at the heartstrings and still be cool"


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