To all you good people,

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To all you good people,

Postby Josh » Fri Oct 08, 2004 6:16 pm

I now have my new digital home,, and I will not be able to answer any pm's here anymore, so i'm going to ask James to disable them and stuff - its going to be impractical for me to go back and forth from and here. But no hard feelings !!
Anyway i'm going to become more accessible on the flashy new site. So, I really want to be able to converse with whoever of you guys who want to converse (that looks weird in a sentence). So when the site opens tomorrow, go ahead and check it all out, and then if you hit the board with a hello that would be nice. It will give you a new way to reach me directly too.
As for the new site, if you are not getting any of the emails or updates, you can go on to holding page and put your email on the list. Ooh dont forget to check out the sampler of what we're working on in the studio. . .
Thanks for your support - the dumdums arent going anymore but I am, and Steve and Stu are, so your support of our new endeavours means a great deal to us.
See you later, Josh.
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