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Letter from Stuart

PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2003 10:42 pm
by James
Hey everybody,

I find it quite unberlievable that two years have passed since we last spoke, I hope you are all happy and in good health :)

It really amazes me to see so many familiar faces continuing to post at the site, it's great that this community is still going as i believe it's something really unique! James has worked real hard on this new site and has many great things planned, so please stick around and make yourselves at home, you are so welcome!

Hmm, Where to start?

Well, for the past two years I have been living in various parts of Britan, seeing different people and different towns, and catching up on alot of stuff. During that time I have played with a coupla bands I know including the incredibly talented Clarkesville (you should definately check out his debut album) and have been filming things that i feel need to be filmed. (I started making a horror movie but was too scared to finish it!) I also recently met up with a great new rock band and may be playing some shows with them soon.

I have been writing for a while now and feel it is time to put my new band together. Over the next few months I hope to be rehearsing and looking to record as soon as possible. watch this space.

Thankyou for the contiuning support and encouragement you have given me, I really appreciate it so much and am looking forward to hearing about what your all up too soon!

Love Stuart.x