"Pop set against suburbia and everything being in concrete and loads of motorways running from one place to the other and being depressed and fiberglass supermarket buildings and so on..."

Dum Dums: Created to be a reaction against the faceless, colourless, soulless pop that is around today. Oven-ready boy bands/girl groups/boy-girl groups brought together by record companies, created according to the dictates of demographic studies and focus groups, miming to electronically made backing tracks singing brainless words with a vacuous smile.

We are three friends who came together to make music that moves us, something that we could believe in, something that would give us a "buzz". Our songs are about having morals about yourself and others, about questioning the things you are led to believe and ultimately about trying to find a way to not make the same mistakes that landed our parents' generation with divorces and addictions. We sing about boredom and restlessness, the frustration and heart-breaking aimlessness of life after school, "grown-ups" that don't get "it" and how money, work and other materialistic crap aren't important in the big scheme of things.

Not sacrificing good melody for coolness or making guitar pop for a miserable, shoe-gazing elite only to understand. We want to be for everyone. To be on radios in factories, on stolen car stereos in council estates, in stagnant Fleet Street offices, on top of the pops in middle class living rooms.

We want to let kids know that they can aim as high as they like and they don't need to believe the put-downs teachers give them at school. We're saying that "It's okay if you don't join the family business or surrender your dreams to factory work". It's worth trying to do the right thing and standing for what you believe.

We want to bring it to the attention of a world where everyone's seen it all, that life is full of wonder.