01. Who are the Dum Dums?

02. Where did the band name come from?

03. How did they get together?

04. How long were the band together?

05. Did they write their own songs/play their own instruments?

06. Have they ever played in my town?

07. What bands have Dum Dums supported/supported Dum Dums?

08. When are their birthdays?

09. Why is Stuart called Stuart "Baxter" Wilkinson?

10. What other bands do the boys like?

11. What is the 'secret' track on 'It Goes Without Saying' called?

12. Who produces the band's singles/albums?

13. Where can I find the tracklisting for a single/album?

14. What singles have the band released?

15. What albums have the band released?

16. What release has *insert song name here* on it?

17. There's a track I found on a file sharing network called 'Can't Get You Out Of My Mind' what is it?

18. How many videos have the band done?

19. Have the band ever done any covers?

20. Where can I buy old Dum Dums releases?

21. Can you still buy the 'Blue Promo CD'?

22. Is there sheet music/tab book for the album?

23. Is Josh's middle name REALLY Dinosaur?

24. Did Steve break his arm in a fight?

25. Who designs the site?

26. This website rocks/sucks who do I contact?

27. How can I contact the band members?

28. Is there a mailing list I can join?

29. What's the difference between a 'Dummy' and a 'Dum Dum' on the board?

















01. Josh Doyle - Vocals & Guitar / Stuart "Baxter" Wilkinson - Drums & Vocals / Steve Clarke - Bass & Vocals

02. Josh came up with the name - It comes from several sources, the main one being the 1950's American lolly pops called 'Dum Dums'. 'Dum Dums' are also plastic bullets and apparently the band chose 'Dum Dums' because that's what they got called by teachers at school!

03. Josh met Stu while they were at Uni in Chichester - They were doing a classical music course & soon began jamming together. They decided to quit Uni (as they were bored with the course) and start a band, but needed a bass player. Steve had met Josh several years before at a music festival while they were both playing in different bands. Josh spoke to Steve after noticing his Pearl Jam t-shirt! So Josh called Steve and asked him to join the band - Steve said yes and Dum Dums were born. The boys also like to joke that the other reason they asked Steve to join was because he had a van & a P.A. system!

04. The boys formed the band in April 1997 and played their first gig in November 1997. The band played their last gig at the Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham on 25th Agust 2001. (See the gigography section of the website for a full list of all the bands gigs).

05. Yes, they wrote and played all their songs.

06. Probably! Check the 'Gigography' section of the website for a complete list of all the band's gigs......ever! And if a gig you went to isn't on there email: james@dumdums.com and tell us.

07. Check the Gigography section of the site for details of this!

08. Josh - 9th October / Steve - 2nd November / Stuart - 9th June

09. Baxter is his middle name....or so he reckons!

10. Obviously they're into loads of bands, but check out the 'favourite bands' page on the links section of the website for some of the bands the boys are into.

11. The track is called 'Setting Sail' and the lyrics are had written the in the centre page of the CD sleeve.

12. This varies - check the Discography section of the site for details.

13. The Discography section of the website.

14. 'Everything' 'Can't Get You Out Of My Thoughts' 'You Do Something To Me' and 'Army Of Two' were released from the band's debut album 'It Goes Without Saying'.

15. Just the one - 'It Goes Without Saying', check the Discography for further details.

16. Again - For anything like this check the discography section of the site.

17. There is a track knocking around called 'Can't Get You Out Of My Mind' - it's actually the first demo the band did of 'Can't Get You Out Of My Thoughts' - some little blighter found the old demo, (possibly on a CD sent to a venue/record company) and put it on Napster, with the wrong title! The demo has different lyrics to the final version of the song and the arrangement is different. This version will never be released, so it's quite rare!

18. They've done four - one for each of the singles released from 'It Goes Without Saying' They are:
'Everything' - directed by David Mould
'Can't Get You Out Of My Thoughts' - directed by David Mould
'You Do Something To Me' - directed by Gerald McMorrow
'Army Of two' - directed by Simon Hilton

19. Yes, click the link below to find out what songs they've covered.

20. Firstly, try the big record stores like HMV, Virgin, Tower - if they don't have stuff on the shelves ask them if they can order it. Secondly, try the various online record stores such as www.amazon.co.uk, www.cdnow.com - basically look everywhere you can. Thirdly, try searching for on the various internet search engines - www.yahoo.co.uk, www.google.com, www.altavista.com etc.

21. No - not unless you can find someone willing to part with theirs! There were only 1000 pressed, so they're pretty rare! (If you want to find out what the 'Blue Promo CD' is, check the Discography!)

22. No, but you can find loads of guitar tabs on various fansites - so check out all the fansites (via the links page) & you'll no doubt find what you're looking for.

23. Who knows!?! You'll have to ask him about that one!

24. No! It wasn't even broken - Steve injured his arm (and thought it was broken for a while) in a Quad Biking accident.v However, the boys were on the Big Breakfast and when asked about it Steve said he'd hurt it in a fight with a certain boyband named after a road!!!

25. The site has been designed and maintained by a clever man called James! You can check out his website at www.replenishnewmedia.com

26. That'll be James the webmaster, email him at james@dumdums.com

27. You can send an email to info@dumdums.com and this will be passed on. Alternatively you can leave messages for them in the 'Messages For The Band' forum.

28. Click here to join here mailing list.

29. A 'Dummy' is someone who has posted less than 31 messages and is therefore a 'new' member. A 'Dum Dum' is someone who has posted more than 31 messages and has probably been here ages!